young – competent – purposeful + experienced – sustainable – experienced
The Naturemed Group is a young, dynamic, Austrian start-up company, grown from a solid, solid family tradition.

We rely on the combination of youthful development and research urge embedded in the supportive guidance of experienced senior advisers in the fields of medicine, pharmacy, empiricism as well as international economic and sales management, who in their “un-retirement” their professional and life experience as provide a reliable and secure basis for our company.

nature is medicine – medicine is our passion
We have grown into a family business, following a long-established tradition.
To continue living this tradition means for us:
Everyone gives everything for the good of the whole
Everyone has their place, their area of ​​responsibility and their tasks, distributed according to their respective strengths and inclinations. No one is infallible, but all together are responsible for success.
Our partners are not just specialists selected according to their past performance and expertise. They are friends for us, with whom we like to sit together and also like to celebrate together.
Each of our partners has signed and adhered to the “Naturemed Quality Catalog and Code of Ethics” developed jointly and based on professional and ethical values.
The Naturemed quality and honor code
Our virtues and our mistakes are inextricably linked,
like power and matter.When they part, man is no more.
Nicola Tesla, one of the most ingenious inventors of modern times, 1856 – 1945